Mathew Morrison

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A bit about me

I chose healthcare staffing for many reasons - but my top reason being my love for helping other people. Through school, the military, and up to now I’ve always had a love for helping others.

In my free time I love being outdoors. Whether it be golf, kayaking, or simply having a beer on the porch you can always catch me with a smile outside. My father, mother, sister, and brother are my rock. I’ve spent many years away from home and I’m very happy to have them by my side again.

Marvel is filled with experienced recruiters who work hard to ensure the happiness of their travelers. I have been very lucky to learn from these hard working, and caring individuals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to every traveler they place.

I’m motivated to become better at my job every day. With that I guarantee that you will be well taken care of and that I will answer your needs at any time of the day. I will go to bat for you, help you with any part of the process, and be a good friend along the way.

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