Mara Sibbel

Therapy Division Manager

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A bit about me

 I’ve worked as a Therapy Recruiter for over 5 years now and have loved it so much because I get to help people see new parts of the country, while they also make a difference in their patients’ lives. I’m also passionate about traveling and seeing new places as well, so it’s been fun to help other people cross things off of their bucket lists and seeing their journeys through pictures!

Now I’m fortunate enough to manage a dynamic team of recruiters that are making a difference in the medical staffing industry by holding amazing core values to provide medical professionals with the absolute best experience throughout their travel journey.

I love working for Marvel Medical Staffing because of the amazing company culture that focuses on transparency and building amazing relationships with our clients. Finding a recruiter that you can trust and that you know will have your back is crucial as a Traveler! My team and I would love to help you start your journey!


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